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In Music
Royal Sounds 1968
Musician Union Local 369
Walt and Marlena Shaw - What a Singer
Curt Miller - Trombone
Dave Loeb - Piano and Jo Belle - Vocals
Archie LeCoque, Don Reed, Walt, Bob Olsen - Trombone players
Lisa Vazzana, Rebecca Ramsey, Eric McAllister, Dave Stewart, Lisa Viscuglia, Jennifer Ericksson, Geri Thompson
Sonny Hernandez, Bass Trombone and Walt playing the Musical 1776 in costume.
Houston Musicians and Long Time Friends Ben Stanford, Dennis Dotson, Trumpet and Reggie Goebel, Trombone
Dennis Dotson
Jack Keith, great Dixie Trombonist
Marty Radunz, Flute - Joe Lano, Guitar - Ken Seiffert, Bass - and Walt checking his copy work.
Rough and Tough Vegas Musicians -Vince Somma, Trpt - Marty Harrell, Bass Bone - Ken Wright, Trpt - Tom Snelson, Trpt and John Tyler, Bone
Ruth Brown
Bellagio Grand Opening - Philharmonic Strings
Walt, Jim Stivers, Art Sares, Connie Atkinson & Al Javorcky
Doug Taylor - Keyboards, Vocals
Herbie Phillips 1964
Frank Rosolino
Jazz Greats
Las Vegas Bones 19?? Sam Cernuto 1st row center, Art Sares 2nd row center, Walt Boenig top row 2nd from left
Great Trombonist and Band Leader
Art Sares
Dr. Richard McGee - Trombone - Conductor
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