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Tom Jones South Africa Tour 1976

Concert Promoters - Yango and Margo John
Tom Jones Billboard on Theater in Johannesbug, South Africa
Tom Jones Exiting Plane
Mark Woodward - Tom's Son
Jeff Sturges - Our Fearless Leader and Conductor
Dick Capri - Comedian - Opening Act
The Blossoms - Back-up Singers - Pumpkin, Jeannie, Fanita
The Blossoms - Back-up Singers - Fanita. Pumpkin, Jeannie,
The Blossoms Jeanne & Fanita with Johnny Spence
Tom Jones Tour - South Africa - 1976 - Badge - Even Spell my name wrong down under
Keith Jourdan
Nolan Sisters - Singing group from England staying at the Landdrost Hotel In Johannesburg
Bob Marullo (Keyboards) George Garzone (Saxes)
Carl Hosbond & George Garzone (saxes)
Carl Hosbond
Joe Davis & Marshall Cyr (Trumpets)
Checking out Johannesburg - Roger Ingram, Keith Jourdan, Marshall Cyr, Bill Baker, Ken "LeRoy" Herpin
Craig ? (sound Tech) - Larry Schlect (Sax) - Carl Hosbond (Sax) - Roger ? (Stage Tech)
Bill Guthrie (Bass Trombone)
Bill Guthrie (Bass Trombone) Tom Jones leaving Stage
Del Blake (Percussion) with Bevlyn Matthews
Paul Hydorf, Rico Mordenti, Keith Jourdan, Lynn Kidd (sitting) Roger Ingram in the background
Bill Baker (Sax)
Bill Baker, Larry Schlect, Roger Ingram, Carl Hosbond, Bevlyn Matthews
Dale Hampton (Trombone) & Walt
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