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Glenn Miller Orch 1970's

Walt - 12/23/74 - Today Show - Photo from Jerry Cash
Larry O'Brien and Bobby Harrison (How many years ago was this taken?)
Walt Boenig on the Glenn Miller Bus (Will my head quit hurting before we get to the Gig?)
Jerry Cash & Chuck "Yazoo" Lawson - 12/23/74 - Today Show - Photo from Jerry Cash
GMO - Japan 1975 - Trpts - Tom Ehlen, Tom Rheam, Bob Rheam, Ron Cade and Mr. Uno
Buddy DeFranco - Osaka, Japan - 1968 - Photo by H. Nisida, Osaka, Japan - Provided by Tom Rheam
GMO-Osaka, Japan 1968 - Photo by H. Nisida provided by Tom Rheam
GMO 68-69-Buddy DeFranco-Trpt L-R-Wally Besser,Tom Rheam,Dale Thompson,Roger McCory-Bones-J First, C Sharmen, T Knuesen,S Sowell-Reeds-D Gerhart,A Goodling,M.Obelander,Will?,Richie Barz-Piano,John Labarera-Drums,Warren Daley-Bass,Chuck 'Yazz" Lawson
Larry O'Brien, Leader of Glenn Miller Orchestra - Ex-Members-Bob Chmel, Drums-Dale Thompson, Trumpet-Walt, Trombone
Glenn Miller Orch -Tom Rheam Photo from 40 years ago in Japan or Korea - Dick Gerhart,Tenor - John LaBarbera,Piano - Dale Thompson,Trumpet - Joe Furst,Trombone
Ellen Michaels-Bellerose - Buddy DeFranco in background
Buddy DeFranco - Al Thompson on left - Richard Gerhart on Right
GMO - Bob Crea, Al Thompson, Al Goodling, Richard Gerhart, Richie Barz
GMO Brass Scetion-LtoR-Wally Besser, Dale Thompson Lead Trumpet, Richie Longatano-Bones-Larry Boyle,Rick Culver,Wally Balu,Skip Sowell-Drums-Dan D'mperio
GMO - Jay Patten-Guitar - Jeff Steinberg-Bass
GMO - Jay Patten - Vocalist
GMO & Woody Herman Hang in Chicago-L-R Tom Rheam on Bill Chase's Lap, Bill Byrne talking to Richie Barz, Rigby Powell, Dale Thompson, Nipper Murphy
1971 Buddy DeFranco-Steve Johnson,Piano-Jim Widner,Bass-Richy Barz-Lee Lachman-Al Goodling-Dick Gerhart-Bob Crea-2nd Row,Danny D'imperio-Jerry Richter-Jimmy Price-Joe Miller-Skip Sowell-3rd Row,Ron Cade, Nelson Hatt, Dale Thompson, John Hoffman
Richard Gerhart, Lee Lachman - Kyoto, Japan 1971
Louise Tobyn (Vocalist) - Peanuts Hucko - Leader of The Glenn Miller Orch in 1974
Bob Chmel - Japan 1974 - Ron Seitz Photo
GMO in Japan - Richard Gerhardt, Walt, Joe Shaffer
Glenn Miller Orch on Train in Japan - Louise Tobyn, Peanuts Hucko (Leader) and Walt
John Hoffman with Japan's No. ! Cigarette - 1974
Buddy Morrow - Leader of the Glenn Miller Orchestra - It was a great time with him as Leader.
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