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AFM Convention - June 28, 2010

Hi Walt:
We spoke very briefly at the AFM convention last Monday. I thought you and your Big Band were nothing short of sensational. My good friends Linda November & Artie Schroeck told me to be sure and introduce myself.

I did purchase your CD that opens with Mr. Sandman. Every tune on your album is terrific. It's quickly become one of my favorite CD's.

Thanks you for your time and again, I thought your Big Band was among the very best I have ever heard, bar none.

Terry Thompson

Once again, I want to comment on how much I love your CD I bought at the convention and how impressed I was with you and your Band. It was by far, the best music and entertainment in the entire city (not that I checked everything out, or wanted to). You and your guys are just terrific. The highlight for me!!!

Sincerely and good luck always.

Terry Thompson

Ed Millar Review - September 10, 2007

This is written by Ed Millar.

Walt Boenig and his band have been presenting concerts at the Reed Whipple Center for many years. They have played for every holiday there is and a couple they made up.

The Las Vegas Jazz Society thought it would be great to get them out of town and out in the cool of the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. So Saturday, September 8th we went out 22 miles west from Las Vegas on Charleston to be entertained.

You might be interested to know some of the highlights of this historic ranch. It had been there from the 1880's, but nothing was done to it. In the 1940's Chester Lauck of the hit radio show, Lum and Abner, built a mansion for vacation purposes. Then German actress Vera Krupp, related to the German munitions maker, bought up hundreds of acres of land and started raising cattle. At one time burglars broke in, but they did not know there is a very narrow passageway behind the front room wall. The occupants of the house hid in there. Vera also built on to the mansion and added a swimming pool. Then it was sold to Howard Hughes. Later it was sold to Fletcher Jones Las Vegas auto dealer. He sold it to the State of Nevada.

The amphitheater; was built just down the hill from the house and later a permanent stage and light booth was built. Lots of gently slopping grass make up a place to bring blankets or lawn chairs and have a picnic. The shows, mostly Broadway shows, start later.

So this is where Walt Boenig brought his band several thousand feet higher than Las Vegas and 10 to 15 degrees cooler.

The concert opened with a couple of tunes from Walt's latest cd, called "A Lot Us." Then one of the highlights of the concert was a Tom Kubis arrangement of the children's nursery rhyme, "A Tisket a Tasket." It featured the two tenor players Jay Rasmussen and Dave Stambaugh. What are some of the words to describe this battle? Blazing, Burning, Cooking, Awesome and Exciting.

But there was lots more. Some of the soloists were Rocky Lombardo, Trumpet, Dick McGee, Trombone, Bobby Scann, Trombone, Dan Trinter, Trombone, Fred Haller, Soprano and Alto saxes, plus bits and pieces from all the guys making it an exciting musical event.

Getting lots of solo space was Rocky Lombardo on trumpet. He has to be one of the best jazz soloists here.

Speaking about best jazz soloist, are you like me, and take Joe Lano, guitar, for granted? I know he is going to play that good even if he just walks in the door. Now I am hearing all these great arrangements he is doing. Is there no end to his talent?

Special mention goes to Santo Savino, drums. He came in and sight read the show as if he had played with these guys for years. There is a short list of the people Santo has not played for.

Vocalist Jo Belle really stirred the crowd up. To quote Duke Ellington, "give that rhythm everything you got".

Walt's good old Texas boy personality won the crowd many times over. No matter who he brought the crowd would have loved it.

Thanks Walt, best ten dollars I ever spent.

Easy Ed Millar , retired DJ and musician.

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